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This website is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by the any of the listed companies or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent site. Everything on this site is the property of Too Many Bodies and subject to change without notice. 


Advocacy and support go hand-in-hand, which is why the Too Many Bodies team has built this website of resources surrounding both necessary angles that foster change in gun violence in America. With the support of organizations facilitating preventative measures, rehabilitation, emotional support, and advocating for common sense gun laws, we can build a community that not only supports those already affected, but also those who hope noone else will be in the future.


Our National page is a listing of organizations with nationwide reach and the State page provides local resources. 

Our impact sponsors collectively represent the very mission of our team - please learn more about them by clicking their logos.








If you see that organizations are missing from our national and state links, please contact us. It takes a village. Thank you.

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Who We Are


TOO MANY BODIES was born from a passionate group of filmmakers, musicians and dancers joining together to create a music video illustrating our need for common sense gun laws. 

Beyond artistic expression, we serve to help Americans find the resources they need for:


  • Advocacy groups addressing reform and policy change

  • Support for survivors, family  and loved ones affected by gun violence

We hope this website serves as an easy-to-access tool and an online resource for both those who would like to become more active in our fight for common sense gun laws and for those seeking support for the repercussions of gun violence in our country today.

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Meet the Team
What Can I Do

If you wonder what you can do... 

    LISTEN     to our youth who are leading the way to enact common sense gun laws

     VOTE       your conscience

  SUPPORT    those who are organized to bring about change

Change is possible. There are too many bodies.


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ARE YOU A FILMMAKER?  Use this downloadable title card to show support, if your content includes potential gun-violence related, PTSD-triggering events.

ART-BASED WORKSHOPS // DISCUSSION AND HEALING  The Too Many Bodies team is developing a workshop utilizing the arts to educate, advocate and heal. Working in conjunction with Survivors Empowered, The Art of Elysium and Nurjahan Boulden of Gunshot Survivor, we are conducting individualized workshops for adults, youth and/or survivors of gun violence with the help of trained counselors, teaching artists and community members. Learn more about how to bring a workshop to your community  HERE

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For Filmmakers

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